5 signs that you need better foundation waterproofing

Ever wonder what happens when a home wasn’t waterproofed properly? Here are our five signs that are strong indicators that you need some proper foundation waterproofing, stat! Knowing these may save your home from any other critical damages and prevent a potential catastrophe from happening!

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Sign #1 – Wet walls
When you reach home on a rather cold day and try to touch your wall to discover it’s slightly damp even Waterproofingthough there hasn’t been any contact with water whatsoever, then you’re in a bit of trouble – if your internal walls are wet with moisture that means it’s permeable and water is seeping through.

Sign #2 – Water seeping from floors
During heavy rains or a cold day outside, you find solace and stay warm and cozy in your home – but when the water seems to magically appear from the floor tiles, that’s a danger sign that there’s an alarming amount of moisture and liquid that’s penetrating. This is another sign that your layout may not be as waterproof as you think.

Sign #3 – Molds and Algae
Guess where molds and algae find their favorite places to grow? You guessed that right if you said wet and damp areas. If you find these annoying and unwanted growths within the lining and usually the corners of your walls and floors, then you’ve most likely got a problem with moisture getting in. That’s our sign #3, which is closely connected to sign #4:

Sign #4 – Unpleasant odor coming from inside of walls and floors
When some foul odor seems to be coming out of nowhere and you find that the source comes from the inside or internal structure of your walls and floors – that’s our sign #4! Most likely the cause of that smell is the growth of molds and decomposition of the internal woodwork of your wall and floor!

Sign #5 – Hollow sounding tiles
Tapping your floor or walls and discovering that its now hollow when it once wasn’t is our sign #5. This can be dangerously devastating as that already means the once intact layers have now broken down and are no longer holding up as strong they are supposed to! Credit: TT Waterproofing

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